Just like Tina said, “Simply the Best”

By Barlo Motors ThurlesMar 22, 2019

When people are considering a new vehicle, those with more than 3 children have the most limiting choice of all consumers. Fortunately, Ford have been at the forefront of the 7-seater vehicle choice for years. Here at Barlo Motors in Thurles, we have just put on a new demonstrator, a 2.0 TDCi, 150PS, Titanium Galaxy in metallic silver.

Now, I love my cars, which helps in the job I do. The quicker and flashier, the better. I am easily seduced and absolutely love the roar of an engine while it propels you down the road like the man shot from a rocket at the circus.

So, when the owner informed me that I would in fact be driving this new shiny demonstrator, I must be totally honest, my demeanour changed quicker than Usain Bolt at the Olympics. That in itself is terrible, I get to drive a brand new €40K+ new Ford and I am disappointed. Shame on you James.

So, let’s get to why I was totally wrong about my concerns. The styling of the Galaxy on the outside is what can only be described as sleek. Now this is a technically hard thing to achieve with a vehicle this size, but Ford have achieved a level of styling associated with much smaller and sportier models. From the sloping bonnet to the rear light cluster, the whole vehicle seems to glide. I am genuinely surprised at just how may admiring looks this vehicle got over the weekend.

The galaxy has keyless entry, keyless start, and an electronic tailgate, which means that even when your arms are full, you have a horde of youngsters and carrying everything including the kitchen sink, you can still easily access the vehicle. This, this is one major reason why people buy this vehicle.

Then, let’s look at the interior. It obviously has 7 seats, but they are true seven seats, not 5 seats and two baby seats. Legroom is no issue and the seats can be positioned in a vast array of positions. When loading into the rear, you can also by the flick of a button, drop the rear two and the middle row of seats, to make loading easy. I started t

o crawl about in the rear, which at my weight, was no easy feat, but in fact, there was plenty of room. Sat in the driver’s seat and you feel that you are the captain of an ocean liner, you have space in spades and the vision from that huge windscreen, combined with the two small side windows and thin pillars, mean that you have an immense sense of proportion going forward.

Now, there is no getting away from the fact that this, is a big vehicle, but at no time did I feel that it was unwieldy or hard to park, in fact, with sensors front and rear and a rear colour camera, it is quite an easy vehicle to park. I even tried out the parking pilot which literally parks the car for you in a spot you may not even think you can get in to.

Specification wise, this car has it all. Heated electric seats mean that you get comfortable from the off. Electric winds and mirrors, temperature control, alloy wheels, cruise control, Ambient lighting, the list goes on. But what really hits you is the level of safety equipment that comes as standard. You are surrounded by an array of airbags, you have city breaking, lane departure control, auto lights, auto high beam and auto windscreen wipers. Side impact protection, adaptive cruise control, ABS etc, etc. This vehicle is built to protect your precious cargo. 

Now, how does it drive, because, I expected it to be like an ocean liner and wallow at every bend. Well, I was wrong, dead wrong. The 2.0 150PS TDCi engine copes with the size of the vehicle with ease. Heading to Kilkenny on Sunday I came upon a slow-moving tractor with an extremely long trailer and when I planted my foot to overtake, did so with ease. Cruising at 100KM per hour thereafter, I felt like I was sitting in my favourite chair at home and waiting for the film to start. You get the sense that you could drive from Cork to Dublin and back again with no effects on your back, this is a KM eater. Heading around the twists and turns of the country lanes, at no time did I feel out of control, in fact, coming to work in the snow, left me with a feeling of security I would not have thought possible.


Conclusion: The Galaxy is not a Ford Focus RS and it’s not built to be. More importantly, it’s not a van, made up to do the job of transporting 7 people or children. This is a vehicle that will do the school run, pop to Dunnes, pick up a son and chums from the GAA on a Sunday morning or drop of the daughter and friends to the cinema on a Saturday. It will get you to work, it will do the weekend picnic or take you to the vets. This is the family vehicle that literally does it all and does easily. It does it with style and class, it does it safely and with consideration for what and who you are carrying. It also does it very comfortably. So, just like those immortal words from Tina Turner herself, “It’s Simply the Best”. 

Why boss, why give me the Galaxy, I don’t have any children? That was me Friday. Today, Monday, thanks boss, thanks for a great car. Come down to Barlo Motors in Thurles and test drive the all new Galaxy for yourself. Thanks for taking the time to read another rambling from your local Sales Manager, James Mc Vicker.

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