Big is beautiful - Manager’s Review of the Awesome Ford Edge Vignale

By Barlo Motors ClonmelJun 14, 2018

Well, where do I start on what is literally, a beast of a machine. If you want the biggest, if you want the best, then the Edge Vignale has to be the vehicle for you.
Let’s start with the outside. The first thing you notice is the sheer size of the Edge. It is a large SUV along the lines of a Range Rover, Audi Q7 or BMW X5, it simply exudes style and quality. It sits on a gorgeous set of 20” rims that just scream at you, and the exterior Vignale styling with chrome detailing combined with that wide stance, lets you know before driving it that you are in for a treat.
​Leave the keys in your pocket and place your hand on the door handle and the car opens like an oyster ready to give up it’s pearl. You are now sitting in such an immersive and relaxing place. The leather clad seats, which are glorious to sit in, the leather clad dashboard, multi-function steering wheel, in fact, if Fords designers could put leather on it, they did. For all of the chrome, leather and technology in the cabin, it never feels cluttered, like everything has it’s place.

Ford Edge Vignale Interior

Specification on the Edge Vignale is in a word, abundant. It would be easier to state what extras are not fitted to the vehicle, but the general items like electric heated seats, reversing camera and sensors, Active park assist, premium Sony sound system with 12 speakers, Ambient lighting, temperature control, Bluetooth, touchscreen etc, etc are all there. You actually get a real sense of peacefulness when you sit in this vehicle, no need to rush, just enjoy the experience.
Now, although I expected the Edge Vignale to drive well, even after 25 years, it managed to surprise me. The model that I drove, was the 2.0 TDCi 180PS AWD version and wow. Pick up is great, it isn’t a Porsche, but for such a large vehicle, it is fleet of foot. Taking to the road, I headed straight for some country lanes to try out the handling. I expected there to be a lot of roll when I took to the bends, especially at 60KPH-80KPH. There was none. The AWD system combined with all of the technology that Ford has put into this vehicle gave amazing grip and would make me a better driver than I think I am. What constantly impressed me was, the lack of noise. Due to the Vignale range have increased sound deadening materials, the road noise was greatly reduced. Ford call it “Active noise control”, well, whatever they want to call it, it works exceedingly well. I also got a chance to try out the impressive Active cruise control, which is a fantastic safety feature but as it was daylight when I drove this vehicle, I have yet to try out the Adaptive lighting with Ford dynamic LED headlights.
So, room enough for 5 large (Really large) adults, styling that is absolutely up there with the best of the so called “Premium” brands, comfort, in spades, build quality that just goes beyond your expectations, equipment levels beyond your wildest dreams driveability by the bucket load, and all for a price that you would not expect. A Range Rover will be double, the Q7, add €30K and the same with an X5, but the Ford Edge Vignale will make you stand out not for the badge, but for the right reasons.
This is a car that will not figure into a lot of peoples thinking when looking at this premium SUV segment, but it should, it has to, because when you drive it, when you stand back and appreciate it, you will love it. I could go into far, far more detail with this vehicle, but, get down to our Clonmel dealership and find out for yourself, what an absolutely fantastic SUV the Edge Vignale truly is.
Thanks again for taking the time to read my reviews. James Mc Vicker, sales Manager, Barlo Motors Thurles.

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