A small car with a big heart - Toyota Yaris Hybrid

By Barlo Motors ThurlesNov 15, 2018

I have taken the decision to buy only a few selected vehicles from the UK and never from an auction or un-reputable source, only from franchised dealers. This was due to the high numbers of, well, imported vehicles coming over to Ireland with issues with their history etc.

One of the vehicles I purchased, was a Toyota Yaris Hybrid. Why, well, it just ticks so many boxes for the discerning consumer at present. Not only do you get the benefits from a petrol engine that many are now wanting, but you also get Toyota’s Hybrid technology in a small car.

So, this is a 161 Toyota Yaris 1.5 petrol Hybrid “Icon” in Chilli red and only 6K KM on the clock. One owner, full service history and in absolutely amazing condition. Specification is Remote central door locking, automatic transmission, air conditioning, electric mirrors and windows, reversing camera, alloy wheels and steering wheel controls. So, everything that you would want for in a car.

The first thing you notice about the Yaris, is that it is not really a small car in the sense of the words. It will sit 5 adults comfortably and delivers a great view for the driver as the sitting position is slightly higher. Quality inside is as you would expect from a Toyota and feels well crafted.

Now, some people complain that they don’t get the expected MPG out of their Hybrid car and I can fully understand why, Hybrids in general drive differently to normal vehicles. Let me explain this. If you get into a Hybrid vehicle and simply plant your foot on the accelerator, then your MPG will be low. Hybrids are meant to be driven with a bit more care, gentler. Instead of coming up to a junction and hitting the brakes hard, you anticipate the junction and lightly tap the brakes, therefore engaging the engine breaking and remove your foot from the accelerator. The car then slows itself down and the energy that creates is then ploughed back into the battery for use when you start to accelerate again.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid at Barlo Motors Thurles

I may have made it sound complicated, but in truth, it’s not. You just drive them more sedately and your MPG will increase significantly. When customers arrive at Thurles and are considering a Hybrid, we take them out on an extended test drive to show them just how to get the best out of them. We give the customer some, tricks of the trade and share our best practices with them. I have yet to have any customer of mine say that they are not getting the MPG that they should, simply because I have shown them how to achieve it.

The drive of the Yaris Hybrid is assured and holds the road like a quality vehicle should, but you also have the feeling that this is a bigger car than you bought as interior space is excellent. At no time when I drove our Yaris Hybrid, did I feel like I was driving a cheap or light vehicle. Bends were a pleasure to take and because of that 1.5 petrol engine, the acceleration when needed for the odd errant tractor, was instantaneous and plentiful.

All in all, this is a great car for either the town roads or those country lanes, which is where you will be getting the best MPG out of it. The drive as stated is assured and supplies that feeling of security that you would expect and even the seats are extremely comfortable.

Please feel free to come down and see for yourself just how good these cars are and let us take you out and demonstrate them to you. If you are in the market to change to Hybrid, you will not be disappointed. Thanks again for taking the time to read the ramblings of the Sales Manager here at Barlo Motors, in Thurles. 

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